Arrest made at Ralphs market

by Mary O’KEEFE

A 20-year-old man from La Cañada was arrested after a La Crescenta Ralphs market employee witnessed him walking out of the store with items not paid for.

According to the Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station report, the employee allegedly watched the man exit the store with items under his jacket. He followed the man into the parking lot and confronted him. The employee reportedly witnessed several packages of razors in his possession. The employee asked the man if he had forgotten to pay; the man replied that he had not. The discussion turned into a small scuffle and the employee grabbed the man, who in turn bit the employee’s hand. The employee detained the man until law enforcement arrived.

After an investigation the deputy arrested the man for stealing the items as well as suspicion of possession of two small balloons of heroin, Methocarbamo (a muscle relaxant), Dicyclomine Hydrochloride tablets (medication to relieve muscle spasm), Suboxone (can be used to treat opiate addiction), and  Alprazolam (can be used to treat anxiety disorders).

He allegedly told deputies he had taken the razors to sell to his friends.