Election 2024: Initial Results are In

Voting is not limited to one-day only as voting centers opened prior to Election Day, like at Crescenta Valley High School, and voters could also mail in their ballot or drop it off at one of several drop boxes.
Photo by Mary O’KEEFE



This election saw a lot of campaigning by newcomers to the field, though some very familiar names were also running for office. With several well-known local seats being vacated, the election landscape has changed of the Crescenta Valley.

Congressman Adam Schiff did not run for the longtime congressional office he served since 2001 but instead ran for the U.S. Senate seat that became available after the death of longtime senator Dianne Feinstein. This race was a bit complicated because voters were asked to vote on filling the same senate seat full term and partial term. This is because Senator Feinstein at the time she died still had time on her term. Gov. Gavin Newsom appointed Laphonza Butler as a temporary fill-in for the seat but Butler had stated she did not intend to run for senate.

The candidate who is elected in the partial senate race in November will serve out the rest of Feinstein’s term through early 2025 then the candidate who wins the full senate term will serve out the entire six-year term through 2031.

The Presidential primary election has concluded but counting votes continues with Los Angeles County official final results being reported on March 29. From now until then, the LA County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s [LCRRCC] office will continue to provide updates every day between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. According to LCRRCC, voter turnout in LA County was 16.03%.

The state will certify the election results by April 12.

Election results as of Wednesday at noon are below:

City of Glendale:

City Council: Two seats needed to be filled. The top three vote-getters were:

Ardy Kassakhian with 21.41% of the vote, Vrej Agajanian with 18.80% of the vote, Vartan Gharpetian with 18.08% of the vote.

Glendale City Special Municipal Election – Measure A:

Yes – 58.70%; No – 41.30%

Glendale Unified School District Member (GUSD), Board of Education, Trustee Area A:

Telly Tse received 52.72% of the vote, Jordan Henry received 37.51% of the vote, Shant Kevorkian received 9.77% of the vote.

GUSD Board of Education, Trustee Area E:

Aneta Krpekyan received 56.78% of the vote, Neda Farid received 43.22% of the vote.

La Cañada Flintridge City General Municipal Election:

City Council: Jeanne Kim Hobson received 24.66% of the vote, Keith Eich received 24.62% of the vote, Stephanie Fossan received 20.52% of the vote,

Rick Gunter received 18.58% of the vote, Quemars Ahmed received 11.61% of the vote.

U.S. State Representatives:

28th District: Judy Chu received 62.99% of the vote, April A. Verlato received 32.74% of the vote, Jose Castaneda received 2.17% of the vote, William Patterson received 2.09% of the vote.

30th District [Reporting top three candidates]:

Laura Friedman received 27.17% of the vote, Alex Balekian received 20.88% of the vote, Anthony Portantino received 13.98% of the vote.

State Senator:

District 25 [Reporting top three candidates]:

Elizabeth Wong Ahlers received 37.27% of the vote, Sasha Renée Perez received 28.85% of the vote, Yvonne Yiu received 19.16% of the vote.

State Assembly:

District 44 [Reporting top three candidates]:

Tony Rodriguez received 29.59% of the vote, Nick Schultz received 24.72% of the vote, Ed Han received 15.69% of the vote.

District 52 [Reporting top three candidates]:

Jessica Caloza received 29.64% of the vote, Franky Carrillo received 19.82% of the vote, Stephen Sills received 16.82% of the vote.

District Attorney [Reporting the top three candidates]:

George Gascón received 21.40% of the vote, Nathan Hochman received 17.72% of the vote, Jonathan Hatami received 13.37% of the vote.

LA County Board of Supervisors District 5 [Reporting the top three candidates]:

Kathryn Barger received 59.94% of the vote, Chris Holden received 20.61% of the vote, Konstantine Anthony received 8.90% of the vote.

In LA County, State Measure 1:

Yes – 53.29%, No – 46.71% (State results for Measure 1: Yes – 50.2%, No – 49.8%)

U.S. Senate Race:

Full Term

Adam Schiff received 33.2% of the vote, Steve Garvey received 32.4% of the vote.

Partial Term

Steve Garvey received 34.6% of the vote, Adam Schiff received 30.8% of the vote.