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What We Hope We Would Be

As most of you know, I am not a politico. I am not savvy in those areas and I don’t feel I’m educated enough in the arena to make sage political comments. However, the attack on Ukraine by Russia has made even this political novice rise up to offer opinion.

The unprovoked attack by Russia on its neighbor Ukraine is despicable. Putin, in my opinion, has proved himself truly mad – a scary thought when you consider what power (i.e. nuclear weaponry) he has at his disposal.

But what his action has done is shine a light on Ukraine and its people.

Rather than running from the conflict, Ukrainians are adjusting their lives and taking up arms. I saw somewhere the report of a young couple who pushed up their marriage from May to last week. The first photo showed them at the altar, being married by a Ukrainian Orthodox priest on the first day of the war. A second photo showed them a day or two later, standing side-by-side, each holding a weapon and ready to fight.

Another story tells of people attempting to stop Russian tanks with their bare hands; some actually have caused tanks to cease moving forward before the Ukrainian kneels in front of the stilled metal monster.

Some of the most heartbreaking scenes involve fathers saying goodbye to their children who are leaving the country. Men between the ages of 18 and 60 aren’t allowed to leave the country – though apparently most would opt to stay and fight anyway.

My guess is that many are taking a cue from the country’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy. I think that when he and his family decided to stay in Ukraine rather than leave the country that is under siege he sent a strong message that the country is worth staying around and fighting for. And let’s face it: there probably wasn’t much faith in the bravery of the comedian-turned-politician. But those who were once the greatest naysayers are probably now the man’s greatest fans.

 According to the New York Times, “Mr. Zelensky’s response to a reported American offer to evacuate him – ‘I need ammunition, not a ride’ – will most likely go down in Ukrainian history whether he survives this onslaught or not.”

As I stated, I am not savvy in the ways of politics but I think, in this matter, it’s not just a political ­situation – it’s a statement of the bravery of a people up against a daunting opponent.

Hopefully, it will also be a statement of their victory.


Like many I watched the State of the Union on Tuesday night. It was Nancy Pelosi who stole the show for me. First, unlike previous occasions, she didn’t rip up the President’s speech (how decent of her) and secondly, what was that goofy standing and rubbing together of knuckles and smiling while the President speaks on the inhalation of toxic smoke by troops? I know she’s 81 but seriously: Nancy, it’s time to bid us all farewell.

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