Altura Avenue Shut Down Briefly During a Police Foot Pursuit


The 3200 block of Altura Avenue was shut down briefly on Wednesday morning by Glendale police as they conducted a search for a 23-year-old man who fled during a probation compliance check.

The Glendale man, Bradley Shaw, was on active felony probation for drug possession when police entered his home during a probation compliance check.

Officers were allowed in the apartment where the man was living with his mother. Reportedly Shaw and his girlfriend were in the home, along with his mother. The girlfriend and Shaw were asked to stay in the living room as police conducted a search of the home.

Officers allegedly asked Shaw if there would be an issue with police conducting a search of his bedroom.  Shaw reportedly gave officers permission to search his room.

After an investigation, officers allegedly found two balloons of heroin and several pieces of tinfoil under the mattress. Several small plastic containers with marijuana were found in a drawer.

Officers went back to the living room and asked Shaw what was in the balloons; he told them it was heroin. Then he suddenly ran out of the apartment in an apparent attempt to flee into the neighborhood, away from the officers.

After a brief lock down of the area, a search was conducted and he was taken into custody a distance away. He was arrested on probation violations and possession of controlled substances and is being held on 10,000 bail.