Weather in the Foothills


“I had discovered that I am the kind of person who cannot live comfortably, tolerably, on all-flat terrain. For the sake of inner equilibrium there has to be at least one mountain range on at least one of the four quarters of my horizon – and not more than a day’s walk away.”

~ Edward Abbey,
“The Journey Home: Some Words in
Defense of the American West”

I can relate to Edward Abbey’s words. When driving north to our mountains, I get a certain feeling. Is it the view of the mountains from below? Or perhaps it’s the view from above. Their color is everchanging; green during winter and spring months, “purple mountains majesty” at sunset, opalescent-white from storms, coastal fog and occasional snow. One of the more breathtaking views I’ve been fortunate to behold was after a storm. I awakened during the night to find the mountains covered in snow with a full moon casting its light over the landscape. As for a color, there’s no name; the best description is shimmering silver-blue.

All is not pretty in nature. After an earthquake the mountains become shrouded in a greyish brownish color, the result of the dust made when the ground shakes. The one color most disliked, I imagine, is black; it spells wildfire.

These mountains are here in our own backyard, so-to-speak. The San Gabriel Mountains run along the Crescenta Valley. Within the range stands Mount Lukens. At an impressive 5,066-foot elevation, Mount Lukens is the highest point in LA. With many radio towers atop it’s easily recognizable. One of those towers is used by the NWS –National Weather Service – to receive and transmit pertinent weather information.     

Next week I’ll continue…

Today’s temperature – near 90-degrees – is expected to be the hottest during this mini-heatwave. By Saturday an almost 30-degree drop is likely. There’s a slight chance of showers Sunday into Monday. Mild weather returns on Tuesday. 

Winter is fading … fast!


Sue Kilpatrick is a
Crescenta Valley resident and
Official Skywarn Spotter for the
National Weather Service.
Reach her at