More rain on the way

Another storm is making its way toward Crescenta Valley on Saturday.

“Everything so far [this week] has been light,” said Bonnie Bartling, weather specialist at the National Weather Service.

Rain drizzled through on Wednesday; Thursday is expected to be sunny.

“We have another storm working its way into the Los Angeles area,” Bartling said.“This next system is expected late Friday. It is a potentially strong system and a little more unstable.”

Friday’s storm is expected to drop as little as three-quarters of an inch to two-and-a half inches of rain.

“It looks like it is a fast moving storm. It may blow through in three hours,” Bartling added.

The bulk of the rain should hit within two to three hours. The storm will also bring cold temperatures that could drop snow levels down to the 4,000 to 5,000 foot level.

“And obviously if there are thunderstorms the [rainfall] will be greater,” Bartling said.

Sunday and Monday look to be sunny with the possibility of more rain Tuesday and Wednesday.

“But that doesn’t look too big,” she said.

As is the normal procedure for the next few years, Crescenta Valley residents are reminded to be vigilant of the hillsides during any amount of rain.

“Our message all the time is to be watchful,” said Ritch Wells of the city of Glendale.