Weather In the Foothills


“For tomorrow may rain so I’ll follow the sun.” — The Beatles

This rain (and snow) season seems to be one of constant weather change. About the time we adjust our lives to days of cold and rain – new windshield wipers, wet dogs, a fire in the fireplace and an umbrella in hand – then the skies clear. So out the door we go, to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. The umbrella gets tossed into the closet and forgotten, but probably not for long.

Last weekend the foothills received about three inches of rain, bringing our totals to 23.19. As expected the snow level was low, surprisingly so. As the storm was moving in Saturday afternoon, my husband and I took our dog Abby for one last run. Not wanting to venture too far, we took her up to Deukmejian Wilderness Park. As we started up the trail, rain was just starting to fall. Soon it turned to large slushy drops. Another half mile and our Golden Retriever had turned white, covered with snowflakes. What is it about snow that makes dogs act so crazy?

By the next morning the San Gabriel’s were covered all the way down and more surprising was the snow on the Verdugo Mountains. Having lived in the Crescenta Valley for a number of years, I remember some with no snow and others that have been spectacular. One winter, in particular, a snowstorm hit La Crescenta and the surrounding foothills. The amount and intensity have not been surpassed in recent years. I look back to that time with fond memories.

Back in 1962 (makes me sound like an old timer!) on Jan. 21-22,  I was in kindergarten. It was early morning, not yet light and my sister ran through the house yelling, “It’s snowing, it’s snowing!” Out the door we ran in our pajamas and jumped off the porch into snow. Thinking back, it seemed at least two feet deep, but my memories were proved wrong by Bob Gregg’s historical weather data. His records indicate only four inches fell on Dunsmore Avenue in 2½ hours and snow was on the ground in Montrose. Nevertheless, my father shoveled the driveway to get to work. Snow Day for Susie, a snowman in every yard and teenagers skiing down Ramsdell! This weekend there is a possibility history may repeat it self.

Once again rain is predicted for Friday and Sunday. Not as much moisture in this system, but very cold temperatures. Saturday’s high of only 45 degrees and freezing nighttime temperatures may be an indication of low-elevation snow. Then once again, the first of the week will bring warmer weather.

Looking beyond next week, the stormy winter is not over yet. So, in addition to your umbrella, may I suggest a good shovel?

Sue Kilpatrick is a longtime CV resident and amateur weather watcher. Reach her at