Vehicle slams into flower shop


A vehicle slammed into the Lordz flower shop at the corner of Florencita Drive and Montrose Avenue on Friday about noon.

According to a witness, a man driving a silver SUV traveling north on Montrose Avenue was making a left turn at the light at Florencita Drive when he was struck by a vehicle, a blue Honda, traveling southbound on Montrose Avenue.

Sam Ekstrand witnessed the accident through the rearview mirror of his car.

“I saw the car coming down. The silver car was turning left and it looked like they collided. The blue car ended up in the flower store,” Ekstrand said.

The vehicle slammed through the front door of the shop.  The flower shop owner was in the only one in the store at the time and was not hurt but visably shaken by the incident.

The driver of the blue vehicle was transported to the hospital.  California Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.