From the Desk of the Publisher

Executed Perfectly

Last week I shared the plans for the week ahead: “Charlie Chaplin” in Montrose handing out roses, the “big game” on Sunday at SoFi Stadium (what an exciting game it was, too) and, for the Goldsworthy family, the arrival of our newest member: Aubrey Goldsworthy.

Aubrey had her own ideas of when she’d arrive. She squeezed in between the date of her great-grandfather’s birthday (Feb. 8), the anniversary of the Sylmar Earthquake (Feb. 9) and the birthday of her cousin Todd (Feb. 11). Yes, it appears she had it planned though she kept her mom, dad, grandmas and grandpa (plus uncles and aunt) on pins and needles.

But the end result, at least in this grandma’s opinion, is she planned perfectly – because she is perfect.

Not surprising, Friday evening, most of Saturday and Sunday were spent at the house of the proud parents – changing diapers, offering bottles and just gazing at our little gem (oh, and watching the game). I am so thankful that Danny and Tricia (the proud parents) are so welcoming to the family; we trooped through the house at different times so we could meet our newest family member. What a treat!


Though Aubrey is our second grandchild, she (or should I say we) have it easier this time around. Why? Because Mary O’Keefe is also a grandma.

Her grandson Donny was born in June 2020 and Mary is definitely a “hands on” grandma. Consequently she has a network of local friends who are eager to share their baby items. For example, fellow grandma Kim gave Mary a crib that she had used when her grandchild was born. Donny no longer uses it so voila! Off it goes to grandma Robin for our house. Looking down the pike I don’t think there will be the need to purchase a lot of toys as Kim passes to Mary who passes to me. What a great system! Maybe we should create our own Grandma’s Club.


It was a tough decision but we here at CV Weekly decided that, due the pandemic, this year we won’t be producing our annual Finest magazine. This is the third straight year we won’t be able to showcase the very best in a variety of categories, from restaurants to service providers and more. The reason is that, due to COVID-19, many places are still closed or suffering from staffing issues and are not their “best selves.” I just want to make sure that when we announce the Finest they reflect the true Finest – not just those who were able to stay open.

I look ahead optimistically to 2023 when we proudly and confidently present the Finest ­– and I know that our readers will appreciate knowing that those results truly reflect the best of the best.

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta Valley Weekly.
She can be reached at or (818) 248-2740.