Frisbee Golf Comes to Verdugo Hills Golf Course

					     photo by Mark SHELTON Frisbee golf  is breathing new life into Verdugo Hills Golf Course.
photo by Mark SHELTON
Frisbee golf is breathing new life into Verdugo Hills Golf Course.


The Verdugo Hills Golf Course hosted a Frisbee golf tournament on the  evening of Feb. 3 in what will be one of perhaps a series of such tournaments at Verdugo Hills in the foreseeable future.

With about 50 people in attendance, a doubles tournament which Frisbee golf organizer Gary Sandoval called a “trial run” took place. With the trial run a success, Sandoval indicated that there will be more tournaments, including the “One Nite Stand” tournament on March 10, the first official PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) tournament at Verdugo Hills.

Frisbee golf is a recent addition to the course, as Steve Pierce was originally trying to organize Frisbee golf at Crescenta Valley Park.

“It turned out that CV Park is too busy for Frisbee golf though, what with all the activities down there. We were afraid someone might get hurt,” said Pierce.

Partnering with Verdugo Hills Golf Course Manager John Mascarenas, they had permanent golf baskets set up throughout the golf course.

“They’re off the green, off to the side and at nearly every hole,” said Pierce of the location of the golf baskets.

With the turnout for Friday’s tournament and the organization of upcoming tournaments, Pierce believes that Frisbee golf is something that may catch on.

“I think it’s one of the best kept secrets,” said Pierce. “We have a wonderful spot for it at Verdugo Hills. You can play at the same time as the golfers and the games don’t interrupt each other.”

Pierce compared the rise of Frisbee golf, which may not excite the traditional golf crowd, to the rise of snowboarding, which took time to coexist with skiers at mountain resorts such as Mammoth Mountain.

“It’s fun and brings out a lot the non-golfer crowd, such as young people,” said Pierce. “It’s established a real following.”

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