Rain Brings Temporary Relief from Unseasonal Warmth


Reeling from an unusually dry rainy season, California has been hoping for a powerful storm system or two to quench its parched reservoirs and rivers. But did last week’s rain make a dent in the historic lows for precipitation and snow pack across the state?

“Not really,” said Stuart Seto of the National Weather Service in Oxnard.

“According to reports, the snow pack has roughly doubled in size after last week’s storm,” he said. “But considering how low their levels were to begin with, we still could use more.”

Rainfall in the Los Angeles basin added only marginally to its rainfall figures for the year, with Glendale levels barely eking out anything above a trickle.

“Glendale had just about .2 inches of rain,” Seto explained.

Underlining the recent storm’s inability to bring relief to the rain-deprived state, the Metropolitan Water District (MWD), which supplies the bulk of Glendale Water & Power ‘s (GWP) water, issued a water supply alert for Southern California Tuesday.

The MWD urged cities, counties, and local public water agencies to achieve “extraordinary” conservation in face of the continuing statewide drought.

“These are unprecedented conditions that require everyone’s assistance,” read a press notice issued by the MWD. “We all have an obligation to do our part and conserve water.”