Note Discovered in Boy’s Suicide


Los Angeles County Sheriff Dept. Homicide Unit has deemed the death of CV High School sophomore Drew Ferraro on Friday a suicide.
“He did leave a suicide note, which gave a reason,” said Lt. John Corina. “[His suicide] had nothing to do with drugs, alcohol or bullying.”
Corina added that due to the trajectory of the fall it appeared that Ferraro got a running start as he jumped off the building.
Ferraro jumped from the rooftop of the school’s 2000 building at about 12:19 p.m. on Friday afternoon. Investigators have spoken with eyewitnesses, many of them students. Corina advises that anyone who witnessed the tragedy to talk to school counselors.
The boy used an exterior method to gain access to the roof. The school is addressing this issue.
The case is still open as investigators wait for the result of the autopsy.
Many students are preparing to wear black to the school tomorrow as a sign of mourning. The district will offer on-site counselors at the campus to help any child in need.