Students ready to help out Haiti

Valley View Elementary School principal Carla Walker with some students model the T-shirts that are on sale at the school. Proceeds will benefit Haitian relief efforts. Photo by Leonard Coutin

By Mary O’Keefe

Valley View Elementary students are raising funds to help those who have suffered the devastating earthquakes in Haiti.
“The Valley View Education Foundation has a few hundred T-shirts we are donating,” said Dan Abboud.
The T-shirts have been specially designed for the fund raiser.
“The devastation is overwhelming,” Abboud said of the 7.O magnitude earthquake that rocked Haiti on Jan. 12. Thousands of people have been killed and tens of thousands displaced after the initial tumbler and the following strong aftershocks.

The students and parents understand the power of earthquakes and the devastation that can be left in their wake. They wanted to do something to help and to do it as quickly as possible, Abboud said.
The T-shirts will be sold for $10 and are available at the school. The proceeds will go to the American Red Cross in its efforts toward Haiti.
“Please come out and join our efforts,” Abboud urged.
Attendance at Valley View is not necessary in order to buy a T-shirt and support the school’s effort.
For a shirt or questions contact the school at (818) 236-3771.