GPD Reports

Three Arrested for Theft False Pretense

On Jan. 12 just before 4 p.m., officers assigned to Glendale PD’s Special Enforcement Detail (SED) observed males standing near the intersection of Colorado Street and Pacific Avenue holding a sign for “Funeral Donations.” Officers spoke with 24-year-old Larry Padilla of Riverside, 27-year-old Anthony Applewhite, and 24-year-old Aaron Marquez of Redlands, and learned that Padilla had two warrants out for his arrest (one for “crimes begging”), and Applewhite had a warrant out for his arrest as well. 

During their investigation, officers received contradicting information from the males regarding who they were raising money for; it appeared they were illegally soliciting money under false pretenses. It should also be noted that Applewhite was previously arrested by Glendale PD in May 2020 for theft under false pretenses with eight other individuals after Glendale PD SED officers discovered they were holding up fraudulent signs for funeral donations and collected over $1,000 under false pretenses. 

Ultimately, Padilla was arrested and booked for theft under false pretenses, possessing narcotics and for his outstanding warrants. Applewhite was arrested and booked for theft under false pretenses and his outstanding warrant, and Marquez was arrested and booked for theft under false pretenses.


Loaded Handgun and Over 900 Pills of Narcotics Recovered – Two Arrested

On Jan. 4 just before 3 a.m., a GPD patrol officer located a vehicle travelling near the intersection of Colorado Street and Glendale Avenue that was wanted out of another jurisdiction for felony evading. A felony stop was conducted and the driver, 41-year-old David Martinez of Porterville, was discovered to have a suspended license and the passenger, 39-year-old Cherisa Baker of Porterville, was discovered to have multiple outstanding warrants and was carrying a loaded firearm on her person. A vehicle search produced another firearm, ammunition, several thousands of dollars in cash, methamphetamine, and over 900 oxycodone pills along with other narcotics related paraphernalia.

Martinez was arrested and booked for possessing controlled substances, possessing narcotics for sale, identity theft, possessing a controlled substance while armed and for driving with a suspended license.

Baker was arrested and booked for carrying a concealed weapon with a prior felony, providing a false identification to officers, possessing controlled substance and paraphernalia, and for numerous outstanding warrants.

Update: The pills seized in this case were imprinted with markings to indicate they were oxycodone and were sent to the LA County Drug Lab for further testing. The lab results returned and showed the pills tested positive for fentanyl.