CVTC and CVCOC Clean La Crescenta Exit


Residents of Crescenta Valley may take for granted that the Foothill (210) Freeway exit at La Crescenta Avenue is clean.  Drivers may think that those who exit or travel along the freeway do not litter and respect their natural surroundings. Those drivers would be wrong.  The exit is littered with old tires, empty soda and beer cans and cigarette butts – lots of cigarette butts.

The reason many do not see the clutter and garbage is because once a month a band of yellow and orange vested CV Town Council and CV Chamber of Commerce members walk the exit picking up garbage and pulling weeds. Last Saturday was no exception.

Councilmember Harry Leon walked up the exit carrying a blown out tire.

“[Chamber member] Steve [Pierce] found this on the side of the road,” Leon explained.

CVTC President Cheryl
Davis said members clean the exit monthly to help Caltrans and to keep it clean and safe.