Looking for A Good Time

I don’t know about you, but on the weekends (especially busy ones) I am apt to just plop on my recliner and call it quits at the end of the day. This past Saturday was not any different; I did a lot of work around the house (the fun kind that included picking up dog poop – yuck). After raking leaves and cleaning out the side yard I was tired and headed for my recliner. Steve returned home from doing some Montrose Search & Rescue stuff and we grabbed some dinner before he got a call out. Out the door he flew!

As the clock approached 8:30 I had a conundrum: huddle in for the night or head to the Blue Moon Lounge on Verdugo where my friend Richard Dell and his fellow musicians in Rock Bottom Betty were performing.

I know Richard from the Glendale Kiwanis and he made a point at the Friday meeting of saying he’d pay $5 for every Kiwanian head that showed up at the Blue Moon to cheer on Rock Bottom Betty. Who was I to deny my club at least $5 for my presence? So I bundled up, slapped on some lipstick and headed to the Blue Moon.

I wasn’t the only one looking for a good time at the Blue Moon! I found many of my fellow Kiwanians there (Richard’s going to have to pay a hefty fine at this Friday’s Kiwanis lunch). And as a bonus: the band wasn’t bad! It covered several tunes that struck a familiar chord (see what I did there – I brought in a music reference) including tunes from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Backman Turner Overdrive. A couple of us even got up and danced! And the icing on the cake was when Steve made his way upstairs, done with his call and ready to cheer on Richard and his buddies. We had such a good time; it’s not surprising that I was the last of our group to leave. I was looking for a good time – and I found it.

Sunday was a little quieter but fun nonetheless. My friend was celebrating her birthday at a little place in Glendale called Oak and Vine. I had never been there but I wouldn’t be surprised if I returned – and soon! First off, we had the upstairs all to ourselves. Our server was super and the food was pretty good. A ton of things were brought out for us to enjoy – from empanadas to flat bread pizza. Of course, I enjoyed a mimosa (or two). Add to that the great people that were there to sing Happy Birthday and it made for a very memorable afternoon.

I did take a moment to breathe a prayer of thanks for the terrific people I know who wanted me to be a part of their fun times.

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