Sunny now–three storms on the way

K-rails line foothill streets in preparation for flooding and mudflows.

By Mary O’Keefe

Three major rain systems, each increasing in intensity are heading toward Southern California.

The first storm is expected to hit Crescenta Valley late Sunday evening into Monday morning  dropping an estimated eight to 16 inches of rain.

“Sixteen inches is the high range of what is [expected] in the foothills and mountain areas,” said Jamie Meier, meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

The concern for residents is not only the amount of rainfall but the intensity and duration.

“Right now it appears to be a prolonged period of moderate rainfall.  But there is a potential of shorter bursts within that time that may be brief but heavy weather, through Thursday,” Meier said.

Residents, along with Glendale city and Los Angeles County public works and emergency responders have been preparing for flooding and mud slides since this summer’s Station Fire.  Sandbags stand guard around homes and K-rails build temporary walls intended to divert water and mud.

Hillsides remained intact after the last big rain storm hit the area weeks ago but residents are still warned to be ready for anything by officials.

In a released statement, L.A. Supervisor Michael Antonovich encouraged residents to take precautions now in preparation for next week’s storms.

“County Public Works officials will patrol roads to ensure the natural watercourses, roads and bridges are capable of withstanding the rain runoff.  During the storms, catch basins that have screens will be monitored and cleaned should they become clogged,” Antonovich stated.

Glendale officials are ready for the storm as well.  Since the Station Fire, city officials have taken a proactive approach to the potential of flooding and mudslides, said Rich Wells, Glendale spokesman.

City public works officials will be physically and electronically monitoring the hillsides within Duekemejian Wilderness Park. Cameras have been placed inside the park to transmit information to officials in the Emergency Operation Center.

The city and county have provided informational systems through various media including:

L.A. County Department of Public Works hotline (800) 214-4020

or from a cell phone dial 211

City of Glendale website

City’s government access channel for Charter Communication subscribers on channel 6 and for AT&T U-Verse subscribers on channel 99.

City’s Community Hotline (818)548-6464

If there is an evacuation of homes within the city of Glendale officials will notify residents by phone via the new Citizen Notification System.  Glendale Water and Power customers can receive time sensitive information. To ensure customers receive the messages they must sign up and register their contact information at Residents are asked to look under the “Citizen Notification” link.

The city’s Parks Department will coordinate a volunteer signup list for members of the community who would like to help should flooding occur.  To volunteer call (818) 548-2782.