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Baby, It’s Wet Outside

Unlike the old song about how cold it was outside, we recently experienced weather that wasn’t nearly as cold as it was fierce. Storms raged throughout the area with nearly non-stop rain. Driving a convertible (a 2000 Solara that I’m particularly proud of) I’m always concerned about rainy weather and until I got a new top I dreaded driving in the rain. But even with the new top I am wary of the wet weather. These past few days I had reason to be concerned.

Though we really didn’t get the winds that were forecast, the rain was truly torrential and I did get some water in the car. Not much, thankfully, but some nonetheless. I’m grateful we have a couple of sunny days ahead so my baby can dry out.


Some of you may remember that I have family in Australia. My niece recently messaged me asking how things are going.

I have to be honest: I don’t lie and, if I try, I do it poorly. For example, when I’m asked, “How are you?” I tend to answer truthfully … still succinct but honest. So when she asked how things were going I had to admit that it seemed that a pall of death hung over us these last couple of months.

It began in November with the deaths of former CV Chamber president Kaipo Chock and community icon Jean Maluccio. Their love for the community was abundant and apparent; they worked behind the scenes at so many local events including the CV Chamber Hometown Country Fair, the CV Fireworks Association, bingo games and more. Cancer took Jean and a rare neurological disorder took Kaipo.

In December, my family said goodbye to my mother-in-law Saralyn. At 89, she had undoubtedly lived a full life but her death was hard anyway. I’m so thankful for the friends who helped me during that difficult time.

Also in December, Ken Biermann – another local icon – was admitted to the hospital. Ken was a part of the CV High School community for about 27 years and was there when Steve attended and graduated from CVHS. I met him when we worked together at the CV Chamber of Commerce. Ken was one of the kindest men I have ever known and when his wife Pat – the love of his life – died a few years ago I wondered if he would be able to get past it. While he did in many ways, I don’t think he did entirely.

Kirk Smith of Smith’s Produce was another person who had a longstanding presence in the Crescenta Valley. I first met him when his son Connor and my son Danny played basketball together oh so many years ago. Kirk was only 55 when he died on Jan. 1 due to cancer.

You can read the obituaries of Ken and Kirk on page 6 of this week’s paper, which includes the passing of other loved ones in the Crescenta Valley.\

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