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Ivy Hopper is a teen columnist who talks with authors and fans of books that are currently being read by today’s youth.

annaHey Girls! You are not going to believe what happened to me this week.

I met a strange girl name Anna Sokolov from Russia.

I know what you are thinking: What is strange about meeting a teen girl from Russia.

Well for one? She is a REAL life vampire. Two: She wants to talk about this to us.

We are all crazed over the Stephenie Meyer’s vampire saga TWILIGHT.

We all know the stories of Bella and Edward that Stephenie created in her vampire book series.

I was skeptical at first;

How could such a myth be real?

Like you, I did not believe Anna or that there was such a thing as vampires.

Anna wants to share her story about a secret hidden city in Russia that is home to vampires. It is there in this hidden city that vampires learn, then go off to other parts of the world to conquer and reign.

I’m going to let Anna tell her story:

Dear Reader,

Where I come from my kind does not tell their secrets:

To tell such secrets is to betray a holy secret order.

I know that you humans do not have much patience for my kind.

You despise me. You see me as a lost cause that can’t be saved.

I am betraying a holy trust:; I think it is more important to tell our story.

I have seen many books about us but none of them are from OUR point of view.

You humans love to write about us.

You humans love to write about what you think we are like.

For centuries we have stood by hurting as we read the lies and tales about us.

My kind has told me to look the other way.

Do not worry about it my mother tells me.

I can’t! I won’t anymore. I want you to know our story told from our point of view.

Once you know our story and you see our life through our eyes then I will be content.

I am tired of living a lie.

My friends and I are like any other teen girl except we happen to be vampires.

Tune in again next week where I will  begin to share my life with you.

Anna Sokolov

Confessions of A Hopeless Teen Vampire wanting you to understand her.