City tackles parking issues

Glendale’s parking and transportation commission is tackling an effort to deal with the city’s perennial parking problems in multi-family residential areas.

Two commissioners, one of them Crescenta Valley resident Bill Weisman, have been working with staff in a subcommittee to draft a plan.

Weisman said he was generally satisfied with the draft document, but was concerned about the lack of public outreach. “The council wanted input,” he said. Transportation manager Jano Baghdanian assured him the plan would be presented to the stakeholders.

The initial effort will be to ensure that landlords provide off-street parking for tenants, not currently a requirement.

The city will also explore changes in the parking district system, in which residents pay a fee to ensure that parking spaces are available on the streets around their homes. The fee may be increased and limits placed on the number of spaces residents can apply for.

Long term ideas could include arrangements for public use of private spaces, and in lieu fees for builders to make up for parking deficiencies.

By Charles Cooper