FSHA Hosts Christmas Celebration for Santa Teresita Students

For the past 20 years, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy has teamed up with the students of Santa Teresita, a Catholic elementary school in Boyle Heights, for the ultimate Christmas celebration. This year was no different. On Dec. 18, Santa Teresita students and staff headed up the hill where the young students were paired with a special Tolog buddy. The groups spent part of the morning coloring, playing games and nibbling on snacks, while the second half of the day was dedicated to a special Christmas program. The program was filled with singing and performances. All Santa Teresita students also received a Christmas gift from their FSHA buddy.

Not stopping with the students, FSHA faculty and staff collected Christmas items for the Santa Teresita faculty and staff, and FSHA parents collected holiday gift cards for Santa Teresita parents. Several FSHA alumnae also returned to the hill to share in the festivities.

The relationship between FSHA and Santa Teresita is a special one and goes beyond the annual Christmas celebration. Throughout the year, FSHA students run a book club for the older elementary students at Santa Teresita and FSHA’s Spanish club La Vanguardia often holds events with Santa Teresita.

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