Graduating class shares day of bonding

St. James has a history of eighth grade students who have gone through the school together and always have bonded during their final year. The 2010 graduating class is no different.

This year St. James has a new eighth grade teacher, Lisa Knatcal, who has enjoyed being a part of the bonding and shared some time with her class at a retreat at Dunsmore Park. The retreat was led by Knatcal and Nola Ching, the school’s religion teacher.

Most of these students have been friends and classmates since kindergarten. The class designed its own class of 2010 sweatshirt with the help of Knatcal. At the retreat, the students received their sweatshirts while working together and talking about school and graduation. The class is looking forward to applying to high school and moving forward, but the students have said that they are going to miss St. James and will cherish their school memories.

Contributed by Tricia Flynn