Dancers Prepare for ‘CV’s Got Talent’

Photos by Jason BALLARD
Photos by Jason BALLARD

By Natalie MAIER

“From the top! Five, six, seven, eight!”

Crescenta Valley High School’s advanced dance class jumped, spun, pirouetted and slid across the gym floor in preparation for the upcoming CV’s Got Talent show that takes place at 7 p.m. on Friday in the CVHS MacDonald Auditorium.

A total of seven acts will be performing, including 10 dances from advanced dance and one from intermediate dance.
Photos by Jason BALLARD
All the dances, except for the opening and finale, are student choreographed with the aid of teacher Fredda Manzo. Many different styles and arrangements will be performed including jazz, hip/hop and Irish river dancing.

Former CVHS dancer and 2010 graduate Rubina Vartanians choreographed an upbeat and contemporary number that will be performed by advanced dance.

“Everyone is at different levels of ability and each dancer brings their own style to the floor,” said Vartanians.

She explained that she wants the audience to pay less attention to the dancers’ technique and focus more on the details.
Photos by Jason BALLARD
“I want [the audience] to be able to move with the dance, with the colors and the lighting just to inspire them in some way,” said Vartanians.

Manzo expects there to be about 1,000 people in attendance.

“It will be an evening full of enjoyment with lots of energy, great music and fun,” said Manzo.

Vartanians added that it will be a pleasurable night for parents to come see their children on stage.

The cost for students is $5 and adults are $10. All money raised will go toward supporting CVHS dance’s next term.

The MacDonald Auditorium is located at 4400 Ramsdell Ave. in La Crescenta.

Photos by Jason BALLARD

Photos by Jason BALLARD