Give it a Twirl!


With the increase of technical gadgets getting into the hands of children, it’s easy to understand why Jackie Marashlian of Twirlerrific wanted to provide a free twirl clinic for kids. She felt it’s too simple for children to pick up their iPad, LeapPad, or any other pad and detour from actual physical activity. Also some kids may not like typical exercise regimes that traditional sports offer. Marashlian decided that baton twirling might be a perfect fit.

“I wanted to host a free twirl [clinic] for those interested in fitness for their child, but not sure if they would like something like baton twirling,” Marashlian said.

The recent free event, held in Montrose Park, helped parents and their children test out baton twirling for themselves. Without obligation or expertise, children were able to give twirling, well, a twirl. Marashlian is hoping that the free twirl clinic would encourage more twirling participants at the Montrose Christmas Parade. The event was fun and, perhaps best of all, children had no idea they were exercising.

According to the CDC, school age children should be getting an hour or more of daily activity. While getting them off their gadgets may seem impossible, perhaps exploring the possibilities of non-conventional exercise – such as twirling – may be just what is needed.

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