Musical Mornings at Lincoln Elementary

Traci Green and Alan Bernhoft
Photos provided by Nicolas JAMES

Lincoln Elementary School is privileged to have professional musicians Traci Green and Alan Bernhoft as musical educators who introduce music from all over the world to TK-third graders at Lincoln Elementary School.

The pair has been taking Lincoln students on a melodic journey for the past three years. Through a variety of innovative approaches, they seamlessly infuse the students with a musical curriculum that helps children have a lifelong space in their hearts for music. Their classroom becomes a lively stage for multilingual renditions of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” where English, Armenian, Korean, Swahili and a variety of other languages harmonize in a celebration of cultural diversity.

Besides singing the students learn about The Beatles and basic rhythms, percussion and drums and basic music theory. Green and Bernhoft use a variety of percussion instruments in their classroom. Lincoln students eagerly select drums, tambourines or maracas to create a symphony under the guidance of their teachers. The students follow their teachers’ skillful drumming by mimicking their beats.

The energy in the room during these sessions reflects the students’ genuine enthusiasm and connection with this art form. One of the most enchanting aspects of this curriculum are the sound bath meditations when Green and Bernhoft seamlessly blend music and meditation. Calming sound waves envelope the auditorium as students, lying on yoga mats, take an imaginative journey that fosters a deep connection between music and mindfulness.

The unwavering passion for music education by Green and Bernhoft leaves an indelible mark on the young minds they nurture, creating a harmonious and enriching learning experience at Lincoln Elementary School.

Submitted by Nicholas JAMES