Rosemont Hosts Lunch on the Lawn

Atticus Lutz

Lunch on the Lawn, a popular event for the families of Rosemont Middle School students, was held on Friday at the campus. Students and their families filled the upper field of the school enjoying the afternoon sun and each other’s company.

Twice a year parents are allowed to bring lunch to the school for them and their students for Lunch on the Lawn.

The back gate of the school opened five minutes before the lunch bell rang for families to “stake out” a patch of lawn. Once the lunch bell rang, students were allowed to turn on their cellphone to contact their parents to find out where they were on the lawn.

Though parking is a premium, according to one parent Lunch on the Lawn is a way to reconnect with their kids – an opportunity that can be a rarity

Miguel_Munoz wtih Sierra and Sienna
Rachelle Miller, Brandy Nalley and Mary Ellen Miller
Sophia Dillon (center) with friends
Sophia Dillon and Rachelle Miller