This Hall Decked in Popcorn

Photo by McKenna MIDDLETON Boy Scout Trevor Hall sits in his mom’s van packed with the $2,000 worth of items he sold.
Photo by McKenna MIDDLETON
Boy Scout Trevor Hall sits in his mom’s van packed with the $2,000 worth of items he sold.

By McKenna MIDDLETON, intern

Boy Scouts have always had the ability to generate nostalgia due to their representation of America’s ideal youth. One of the many traditions associated with Boy Scouts are seasonal popcorn sales.     Similar to the sale of Girl Scout cookies, the boys go door-to-door to sell a variety of popcorn treats.

Local Cub Scout Pack 302 from Monte Vista sold over $6,000 worth of popcorn this year. Of that amount, $2,000 was sold solely by fifth grader Trevor Hall.

When Hall, 11, set his initial goal of selling $2,000, it seemed unobtainable. Ever ambitious, he sold popcorn door-to-door to over 90 neighbors, almost tripling his sales of $700 from last year. A portion of the proceeds – 33% – will go directly back to the Scouts.

“I wanted to raise money for my pack and for our camping trips,” Hall said.

Selling this much popcorn took an enormous amount of effort. Countless doorbells were rung as Hall stood at the ready with his order form. Like a true Boy Scout, Hall was always a courteous and polite salesman. His charisma combined with his ambition resulted in more success than most anticipated.

“Most people who answered the door bought something from us. Some would even donate money,” said Denise Hall, mother of Trevor.

Trevor was not only able to gain money for his pack but was also able to connect personally with members of the community. Selling the popcorn was not just about getting the order form filled out. Trevor would take time to strike up conversations with his neighbors.

“He always wore his uniform. People like to see that. They would ask what his goal was and what the Scouts were up to,” Denise said.

One of the days Trevor went door-to-door was after a camping trip in which his den had encountered a bear. Those who bought popcorn that day were entertained with stories of the bear sighting. Trevor was also the recipient of many stories from community members along his route.

“We met a lot of people from the neighborhood whose kids went to Monte Vista or were Boy Scouts,” Trevor said.

For Trevor, the process did not end when he met his $2,000 mark. He carries his enthusiasm and commitment when delivering the popcorn.

“We don’t just leave it on the porch. He puts a thank you note inside and makes sure they get it,” Denise said.

Though no one but Trevor can take credit for his ability to set goals and achieve them, he gives credit to his neighbors and fellow Boy Scouts for aiding in his accomplishments.