Lincoln Elementary Artists ‘Look Within’

This year’s annual Lincoln PTA Reflections Art ceremony took place on Oct. 23 in the Lincoln auditorium. Principal Barbara Fariss, PTA President Sarah Miller and first grade teacher Nicolas James welcomed the students and their parents into the auditorium, which was transformed into an art gallery. Parents and students enjoyed appetizers as they admired the students’ artwork. 

Lincoln student council members Alexandra Valiente, Max Mucic, Sarah Watnick, Ani Hartoonin and Joseph Papaleo announced and awarded all of the artists at the ceremony. The theme this year was “Look Within.”

The following artists placed in this year’s PTA Art program: Primary Division, visual arts: Hayley Kwon, first place, Aaron Lee, second place and Jason Yim, third place. Intermediate Division visual arts: Abigail Enright, first place, Jacob Lee, second place, Ellin Vartanian, third place. Literature: Max Mucic, first place, Juliet Harvey, second place, Jared Atwater, third place. Photography: Peter James, first place. Middle School Division: Ani Hartoonian, first place. Photography: Clayton Wright, first place.

Special Artist awards for visual arts went to Ayden Perez, first place, Arian Norouzi, second place and Aron Escobedo, third place.

Submitted by Nicolas  JAMES