Scouting for Food
Local Boy Scouts will be picking up filled bags of food this Saturday as part of the annual Scouting for Food event. The Scouts left empty paper bags at area homes in the hope that the bags will be filled and left out for pick up.

The food that is collected will be donated to local pantries in preparation for the holidays.

Clark Receives Grant
Clark Magnet High School received a $99,767 service-learning grant for an environmental responsibility service-learning project from the State Farm Youth Advisory Board. The grant was presented to Clark at the Glendale Unified School District board meeting on Nov. 5.

Clark Magnet High School is one of 64 community organizations to receive a service-learning, youth-led grant across the United States and Canada.

“The Clark Magnet High School program will survey and document marine debris off the southern California coastline for the community,” said California State Farm Youth Advisory Board Member Brianna Pang. “Service-learning is an excellent way to engage students outside of the traditional ‘chalk and blackboard’ model, and our board really liked this project’s core goals.”

Clark Magnet teacher and project advisor Dominique Evans-Bye added, “This project cross-cuts concepts from Clark’s successful playbook. We are giving students the opportunity to experience how applied robotics, cinematography and geographic information science can make a positive difference for the environment and community. Student outcomes will include story maps, three-dimensional animated models and public service announcements. These components of our project will all serve to educate the public on how littering on land, even here in La Crescenta/Glendale, affects life in the sea.”

The grant will provide students the opportunity to work with the Los Angeles Waterkeeper Rozalia Project and Ocean Defenders Alliance to survey and document marine debris off the Southern California coastline. They will use VideoRay remotely operated vehicles (ROV) to record coordinates and video of underwater debris. Small debris items will be retrieved by the ROV manipulator arm. ArcGIS will be used to map bathymetry, debris and marine life to link students back to their biology and other science class curriculum.