CVHS celebrates Homecoming

By Olivia KIM

CV Weekly intern

It was limousines and party buses last Saturday night as Crescenta Valley High School students arrived at Los Angeles Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels for the school’s homecoming dance. Most arrived by 7 p.m. which was good since the door closed at 9 p.m. leaving latecomers out of luck. Also, if a student didn’t bring his or her ID card, they were sent home. Those who arrived on time and with their identification had fun until 11 p.m., nibbling on snacks and drinks while dancing to a variety of music. The theme of the night, Just Dance, was highlighted with songs by Lady Gaga, Kanye West and the late Michael Jackson, pumping loud and clear at the scene with some people claiming to be able to hear it from blocks away. It seemed that everyone had a good time, including sophomore Esther Kang. “It was one of the best nights of my life,” she said. “I think it’ll be one of those high school memories I’ll never get sick of even when I get old.”

Girls were complimenting each other’s dresses and how pretty everyone looked while guys talked about the ride there.

The Homecoming Court king and queen were crowned on Friday night at Moyse Field.

The Falcons festivities actually started the night before at the homecoming football game against Glendale. On Moyse Field, the homecoming court was presented, all dressed in their homecoming splendor.

But it was the dance that many had been waiting for since the first day of school. Sophomore Michelle Um was shocked that September flew by so fast.

“Wow!” Um said. “October is already here. Before you know it, winter break, spring break, AP [Advanced Placement] testing, and CAHSEEs [California High School Exit Exam] are going to pass by without us realizing that the year is going by!”