Hopes raised and eggs dropped at Lincoln Elementary

By Brian ROXAS

On Friday, Oct. 8, citizens of La Crescenta looked towards the sky at not a bird, nor a plane, but a multitude of eggs. This was, of course, in celebration of the 30th annual Lincoln Elementary School egg drop.
In this event, students attending Lincoln Elementary School were asked to construct some sort of device in which to place an egg so that it would survive a long fall.
“It’s science. They are trying to figure out, falling from a 60-foot drop, what’s going to survive,” PTA Vice President Regina Martin explained.
In order to tackle this
experiment, most students brainstormed ideas for weeks and spent several days on
the construction. In the end, they produced over 100
different egg designs, from eggs wrapped in Lego containers that exploded upon
landing to eggs tucked safely inside stuffed animals.
In recognition of their hard work, the principal of Lincoln Elementary, Bill Card, honored eggs in four different categories. There was a Card category to acknowledge egg packages that most resembled Principal Card, an engineering category, a school spirit category, and a “smallest egg” category.
The first place winners of each received a trophy and a Lincoln Lion stuffed animal. The second and third place winners both received medals.
As soon as the awards were given, a firefighter atop the tall ladder of a fire truck
began dropping the eggs. Some designs worked, and some
did not, but in the end, all
of the participants had a good time.
Despite only a few eggs receiving awards, they all reflected the hard work the children put into their designs and demonstrated the vast imagination and ingenuity of the participants.
“It’s one of those events that brings together the school by having a little bit of fun and learning a few things as they go,” Principal Card beamed.

Photos by Brian ROXAS and Kari LINDMAN Glendale Firefighters climbed a ladder 60 feet into the air all in the name of science at the annual egg drop at Lincoln Elementary where Principal Bill Card (center) was a judge.