Fun Fit Fridays are Back at Dunsmore

A Hilltopper Hero can be found on the Dunsmore track.

Dunsmore Elementary continues its tradition of staying healthy and strong by walking during Fit Fridays every week. Students, parents and the Dunsmore community join teachers and staff as they circle the playground to the beat of some inspirational music. Principal Karen Stegman uses this time to make announcements and invites everyone to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance before classes begin.

Submitted by Viehanoosh NAZARIAN

Dunsmore first grader, Amani and her grandfather enjoy walking together
Dunsmore parent Ani Sedruley and her kinder son, Daniel enjoying some walking time together
Fourth grade teacher, Osan Garabedian and Dunsmore parent Hana Greenberg
Parent Carrie Peterson and Dunsmore volunteer Mark Chapman
Principal Karent Stegman and Dunsmore teacher Steve Hogren lead the school in the Pledge of Allegiance