Officer Allen visits Valley View

Glendale Officer Joe Allen visited Valley View Elemen-
tary first graders on Friday to read the book “Police Officers on Patrol.”


First graders at Valley View Elementary found that there is no better way to hear a story about police than to have an officer read it to them.
Officer Joe Allen from the Glendale Police Department read “Police Officers on Patrol” to first graders in Lisa Jenks’s class and special day class students on Friday. The book, written by Kersten Hamilton and illustrated by R.W. Alley, explains who police officers are and what they do.
“When people need our help, we rock and roll,” Allen read.
The students asked Allen questions throughout the story. He explained how police get their calls over their radio
and reminded the kids to
call 911 when there is an
“And when we are called we…” Allen prompted.
“Rock and roll!” the kids yelled.
After the story the students went to the parking lot to see Allen’s police car and to take pictures with the officer. The students continued to ask questions about what a police officers does during the day and everything about the police car.
Allen explained where all the flashing lights were on the car and when and how they help officers drive through traffic fast so they can get to people who need their help.
Allen had stopped by Jenks’s classroom in the past to read and talk to students.
“The [kids] love it when he comes by,” she said. Jenks met the officer when he coached her child’s baseball team. She often has guest readers visit her class.