Eagle Scout Project Benefits Dunsmore

Eagle Scout Wiliam Allen and his mother, Adrian William, prepping the classroom name plates.

Dunsmore Elementary School alumni William Allen worked on his Eagle Scout project this summer by providing the teachers and the school with classroom nameplates. Teachers were invited to personalize their nameplates with his/her own handwriting, as well as in Japanese for the FLAG classrooms. Allen will receive his Eagle Scout Award once the projected is completed.

By Viehanoosh NAZARIAN

Dunsmore teachers working on personalizing their classroom name plates
Dunsmore teachers, Jana Wells and Cindi Gardner printing out their name plates
Dunsmore Japanese FLAG teachers working on their classroom name plates
Completed name plate for the main office
Completed name plate for the library
Completed name plate for the computer lab
Mrs. Miller’s completed classroom name plate
English classroom name plate
Japanese classroom name plate