SUMMER TIME FUN Enjoy skating fun at Moonlight Rollerway

Deja Gonzales, Jeneva Gonzales, Jocelin Duldulao

By Odalis A. SUAREZ

Cost:     $5.75-$11.00 (varies)
Contact: (818) 241-3630

Whether they’re wheels or blades, Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale has a maple wood floor welcoming all types of roller skates – and skaters.
“We are a family oriented business,” said Dominic Cangelosi, who has been the owner of Moonlight Rollerway since 1985.
The roller rink, located on San Fernando Road, has been in business since 1950.  Its 80-by-180 foot skating floor caters to all kinds of events and even special guests.
“The rink is used a lot in motion picture films and TV shows. [We] do music videos and reality shows,” continued Cangelosi. “We have a lot of celebrities that skate here and have functions here.”
In addition to celebrity visits, the business has an exceptional schedule that suits the skating needs of kids, teens, and adults. Open seven days a week, the rink provides public skating sessions, which are open to all ages. Special days include an Adult Night for ages 18 and over on Monday nights, Kids Skate for ages 12 and under on Saturday mornings, and a Savoy Night for ages 21 and over on Sunday nights. On Wednesday nights, the roller rink is available for private skating.
“We have a competitive skating club,” said Cangelosi. “In addition to the club, we have a dance and figure skating drill team.”
If you don’t know how to roller skate, there are also days of the week devoted to providing adult and children sessions for only $11. Moonlight Rollerway has seven professional instructors on staff.
The skating experience at the rink always includes an on-site DJ playing music while you take off on the skating floor.

“All of our programs [are] with a DJ playing top 40 music,” explained Cangelosi.
The DJ takes song requests and also plays games with the skaters including the Hokey Pokey and Red Light/Green Light. Winners of these games receive prizes.
“I think its fun and I like how it plays music,” said skater Samantha Alarcon. “I really want to come back soon.”
When needing a break, the snack bar provides a menu full of food and drinks.
“We have a complete snack bar,” said Cangelosi. The menu includes hot dogs, pizza, popcorn, nachos and a variety of drinks. Arcade games are also located outside the skating floor.
To assure safety within the rink, a referee is skating along with the guests.
“They control the crowd, make sure people don’t go the wrong way, assist the skaters, [and] supervise the floor,” explained Cangelosi.
With all the elements of indoor roller-skating housed under one roof, all that’s missing are the infamous skates. For those who don’t have skates at home, Moonlight Rollerway provides skate rentals for only $3.50, making a customer’s skating experience affordable.
The rink has created memories that cross generations. Said mom and former skater Denise Garnder, “We use to come here when we were kids,” adding that the rink hasn’t changed that much.