PPC Heads to the Beach

Photos by Jocelyn MALES
Photos by Jocelyn MALES


Members of the Prom Plus Club enjoyed a day at Redondo Beach on Sunday. PPC is a community service club and the youth arm of Prom Plus, the organization that provides Crescenta Valley High School seniors and their guests an alternative to an unsupervised after prom party. The club members can be found throughout the year volunteering in the community at several events. On Sunday the newly elected club officers took time off to go to the beach. The weather was great and the water clear but they did experience the riptide that lifeguards and the National Weather Service warned of.

“We are still getting rip currents but not to the degree of Tuesday or over the weekend,” said Ryan Kittell on Wednesday. Kittell is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

Swimmers were being pulled so strongly by the riptide due to the southwest swells, Kittell said. On Saturday, Sunday and Monday the swells were about 18 seconds apart.
No 2 at the beach
“The height isn’t that big but the spacing between them [is determined by] a storm generated very far away,” Kittell said. “When [the swells] are spaced out more it gives more time for the rip currents to form.”

The rip currents are still affecting the coast but are now of moderate risk because the swells are 15 seconds apart.

For PPC members the riptide just added more adventure to their day – and they got to meet some really nice lifeguards.

The teenagers ended their day at Memorial Park in La Cañada for Music in the Park.

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