Where kids and parents can have fun – Color Me Mine

By Odalis A. SUAREZ

Studio fees: $10 adult, $6 kids plus the cost of ceramic item
Contact: (818) 542-6644

Kiara Engstrom, left, and Lauren Greenfield take a painting break. Photos by Odalis A. SUAREZ

The paint pallet is filled, the brushes are clean, and the ceramic is white at Color Me Mine in Montrose.
The studio, located on the corner of Honolulu Avenue and Ocean View Boulevard, is a ceramic painting facility. Customers have an opportunity to purchase an unpainted ceramic item and use their creative juices to paint the piece in a way that represents their unique taste.
Color Me Mine has a vast variety of ceramic pieces to choose from ranging in categories from kitchen to interior décor to pets and garden as well as a special section just for kids.
“I’m looking for activities that are creative and challenges their minds,” said Gaya Garibyan, owner and manager of Color Me Mine. “When the parents come they actually sit together and talk together [with their kids].”
Ceramic painting is a simple process. Customers choose their empty canvas or ceramic piece such as plates, vases, or statues and draw in a design or select one of the prepared graphic designs. Once completed, the painting process begins. The finished item is then left for a couple of days with the store when they heat the ceramic in their kilns, a rigorous multi-step procedure.
The Montrose business provides a calendar each month of weekly events and discount opportunities for customers. This August, Color Me Mine will be hosting a pajama night from 5-9 p.m. on Fridays. Customers who wear their pajamas that evening will only need to pay a $3 studio fee.
“We’re just trying to make it as accessible and affordable for families. Most weekdays we have something going on,” explained Garibyan.
Other events for this upcoming month include a Group Day on Thursdays when groups of four people or more can receive half off the studio fee price. For fundraising events Color Me Mine has many options such as tile making for schools or auctioneering painted ceramic pieces.
“We’re really big on fundraising for schools and organizations,” stated Garibyan.
In addition to the list of discount opportunities, Color Me Mine only charges a studio fee once a day per customer. This means that once the studio fee is paid that day, the customer may paint as much as they want only needing to purchase the ceramic item.
The facility is not only an academic friendly area offering educational and field trip packages, but it is also a food friendly atmosphere. Customers are welcome to bring food and drinks while they paint their ceramic masterpieces.
“I really encourage this for families,” said Garibyan, whose daughter is a frequent Color Me Mine painter.

Twins Eliana and Bennett Haah with older sister Kaetlyn and mom Grace choose their artwork.