41st Annual Lincoln 500

Winning Red Team members                                                                     Photos by Nicolas JAMES

Competitors lined the track at Lincoln Elementary School on May 26 for the 41st Annual Lincoln 500. The Lincoln 500 is a tradition that Lincoln students look forward to all year long. The Lincoln Dads Club, led by Danny Brown, was in charge of organizing the event.

The Lincoln 500 consists of seven teams that include first through third graders as riders on Big Wheels and fourth through sixth graders who participate as pit crew members. In preparation for the big race dads practiced on three separate lunch recesses with the students chosen for the relay race. A few dads were assigned to each team to make sure transitions ran smoothly.

Each rider must complete two laps and then head back to the pit crew to exchange riders. The first team to complete 12 laps is the winner. The entire school, including parents, teachers and students, all cheered their favorite teams. The winning team this year was the Red Team. Glendale Police Dept. officers came in at the end of the race to issue speeding tickets to the winning team to the delight of all the students watching.

Submitted by Nicolas JAMES