Lincoln Elementary Celebrates Scholarship Recipients

This year’s Lincoln Elementary scholarship recipients are (row one): Eric Badalian, Christopher Seropian, Emmett Bringas, Kayden Lee, Giovanna Aldaz, Josiah Ro and Amira Morcos; row two Angelina Thomas (left) and Principal Barbie Fariss; row three Lily Hinkle, Audrey Hill, Tabitha Jang, Claire Yang, Calvin Emery, Jose Cisneros and Edwardo Barera-Grimaldo; row four Juliette Ramirez, Cynthia Mele, Mila Music, Aleen Derbarsegian, Daniel Duaybis and Serra Tarverdians. Not pictured: Arleen Nazari.

A wonderful tradition at Lincoln Elementary School is the annual recognition of its scholarship recipients. A scholarship assembly for 12th graders who attended Lincoln Elementary is one of the highlights of the year. Kindergarten teacher Angelina Thomas once again chaired the scholarship committee and organized the event. Senior students returned to the Lincoln stage to talk about their favorite memories of elementary school, reconnected with their kindergarten buddies and shared their future college goals with the current Lincoln student body. The scholarship recipients also participated in the Lincoln 500 Parade and then were treated to a luncheon with their parents and former teachers.

Prior to the Lincoln 500, scholarship recipients took part in the parade.

Submitted by Nicolas JAMES