Principal Puckers Up to Pig

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Valley View principal Carla Walker had a unique way of congratulating the first grade students in Holly Woodward’s class who reached or surpassed their accelerated reader goals – she kissed a pig.

This year the students chose a balloon launch for their reward if they achieved the first grade benchmark, and asked if their principal would be willing to kiss a pig if they all reached or surpassed the second grade point goals as well. Walker agreed.

As a motivator to help students improve reading fluency and comprehension, Woodward challenged her class to work together as a team so that 100% of the students would meet and/or exceed the grade level AR goals.  The rewards were chosen by the students and approved by Walker.

Last year, Woodward’s class was the first in the history of the school to have 100% of the students reach both first grade and second grade AR point goals during first grade. They had a balloon launch and ice cream cake party as their rewards.

This year, when Woodward’s class heard about that accomplishment, they wanted to meet the challenge as well.

Enthused with the porcine possibility, the students reached their goal with each reaching 25 AR points or more.

Good to her word, on June 6, Walker watched as Miss Marley, one of many Hollywood pigs, trotted in with her trainer, ready to pose for her kiss.

Miss Marley was not shy at all, and might even be considered a “ham” in front of the camera.

Submitted by Charlotte BRINER

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