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“Past Perfect Life”

Scientists and students alike have studied for many centuries why humans lie. Some scientists claim that most people’s instinct to lie is when faced with an uncertain situation while others say that people only lie when the truth becomes troublesome to admit. Either way, some people lie often and, when they do, they may not even recognize the importance it has for themselves and people around them. But watch any movie or TV show and those little white lies often lead to layers of lies that can crash down on the liar. A soon-to-be released novel, “Past Perfect Life” by Elizabeth Eulberg, focuses on the lies humans tell and how the liars’ consequences can also become consequences to their loved ones.

This book concentrates on a senior in high school who believes she has a normal life. Allison Smith lives alone with her dad in Wisconsin. She just wants to be accepted into a college close by but when she fills out her applications and sends them in, she encounters a large obstacle. She finds out her name isn’t actually Allison Smith, but Amanda Linsley, and she has a completely different identity. After Allison/Amanda learns her real identity, she discovers she has an entirely different family who has been wanting to know her and love her. As she gets trampled by the lies she has been told, Allison/Amanda starts to realize that nothing lasts forever and that the truth will always come out, no matter how deep it is buried.

The intense drama of this novel makes it an enjoyable read that can be relatable and entertaining to all types of people. Whether readers love Dr. Seuss or have an obsession with Terry Pratchett, there’s an element of everything that all people can relate to this novel. And readers who loved Eulberg’s other books, such as “Better Off Friends” or “The Lonely Hearts Club,” will love this upcoming novel just as much. As readers fall into the chaotic world of Allison/Amanda Linsley, they follow her lead and begin to realize the amazingness of life and of living in the moment.

This novel will be released on July 9, so be patient because there’s just over a week left until readers will meet Allison/Amanda and love “Past Perfect Life.”

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