Clark Graduates Class of 2011

Clark Magnet High School’s graduating class is presented to the audience on Thursday evening, June 16.


About 250 Clark Magnet High School seniors, dressed in the school’s traditional green gowns, tossed their caps into the air after graduating Thursday, celebrating the culmination of four years of work on a day they will never forget.

The 2011 class was the tenth class to graduate the Blue Ribbon School and arguably the most achieved academically. About a third of the class had already attended college classes and many students earned 80 more credits than the required 120 to graduate. Eighty credits are equivalent to more than a year and a half of instruction.

Senior officers (from left) President Nare Israelyan, VP Teresa Garcia, Secretary Dvin Badalzadeh and Treasurer John Barbar.

Principal Doug Dall addressed the students, fellow faculty members, parents, friends and family members who came to witness the graduation ceremony. He reminded the students that the school was named after Anderson W. Clark who was a man who did the “right thing” and was known for community service. More than half the class – 123 students – took this ideal to heart, completing 100 or more hours of community service themselves.

Senior class officers President Nare Israelyan, Vice President Teresa Garcia, Secretary Dvin Badalzadeh and Treasurer John Barber presented the class gift, a mascot. On the back of the mascot was the number 11, a permanent reminder of the class of 2011. The senior class also planned to refurbish the school murals and revamp the front marquee.

There were five students who were candidates for valedictorian: Kyla Crisostomo, Andrea Castillo, Saro Meguerdijian, Ani Misirian and Sayonika Mohanta. Castillo was named valedictorian. Each candidate had a G.P.A. of 4.3 or higher.

“They represent the best Clark has to offer,” said Assistant Principal Kristina Provost.

Those dispensing diplomas included Glendale Unified School District board member Mary Boger.

“Graduation is the best part of being a board of education member,” said Boger.

Mary Boger of the Glendale Unified Student District gives a student his diploma.

When it was over, the graduates, tassels now moved to the other side of their caps, reflected on their time at Clark and the commencement.

“The ceremony was very nice,” said new graduate Alique Berberian. “Very special. Very intimate.”

Aram Zakharyan and Robert Melkonyan with their freshly minted diplomas.