St. Francis High School Crowned National Sports Medicine Champion

The American Academic Competition Institute (AACI) recently released the results of the 3rd Annual National High School Sports Medicine Championships that took place in May. AACI’s goal is to give students from across the nation an opportunity to excel in their chosen areas of study through online competition and testing. Therefore, AACI developed the online National High School Sports Medicine Championships to help test and celebrate high school students’ sports medicine/athletic training knowledge.      Hundreds of students from high schools across the country competed in this year’s national championships after qualifying from a field of thousands of students from over 200 high schools at the regional level. St. Francis High School announced that its Golden Knights performed extremely well at the national level, earning the title of National Champion of the Alert Services (Small Schools) Division for the third year in a row. In addition, 13 St. Francis students also achieved All-American status by placing in the top 25 of the division.

In an effort to reduce the high costs of creating a national championship, and to ensure that all qualified participants have the opportunity to compete at the national level, AACI created a unique online event to challenge the minds of high school students. Schools that competed in a state/regional sports medicine competition and placed in the top 10 in their division were eligible to participate in this National Sports Medicine Championships Competition. St. Francis qualified for the national championships earlier in the semester and 15 students tested in mid-May.

St. Francis took the top three spots in the All-American – Alert Services Division. First place was Harout Markarian, second was Andrew Cesta and tied for third were Paola Ramirez and Philip Jaeggi-Wong. St. Francis member James Membreno placed sixth and Marco Miravite placed eighth.