Afternoon of Fun at Dunsmore

Thankfully the weather lent itself to being dunked in the dunk tank.


Dunsmore Elementary school was turned into a carnival Friday, complete with a bounce house, carnival games, a dunk tank and prizes.

The theme was a circus. Students used tickets to play different games including one game where kids could win a fish from the Fish Cove by getting a ping pong ball into a fish bowl. In another game, students raced each other by blowing on a boat to the finish line.

A Silly String fight was a new activity at the fair.

There was an area roped off where students could battle each other with silly string. The silly string was a new addition to the carnival. There was also a hammer to test strength, a man blowing up balloons and face painting. To eat, there was baklava, snocones and catering by Hot Dog on Stick.

Students then traded in their tickets for prizes. The popular prizes included balls and water guns. The overly popular skateboards completely sold out.

“The carnival is fun,” said Kyle Schimt, a fourth grader. “This year is a little better than last year.”

Those with plenty of hot air in them were able to blow a boat down a makeshift river to the finish line.

“It improves every year,” agreed Lauren Yoo, a fifth grader.

The carnival was a fundraiser for the school’s PTA. The PTA uses the funds to benefit the school including providing buses for field trips, purchasing school equipment and funding the arts programs.

“It’s very successful. It’s always very popular for kids and family,” said Amanda Granier, who organized the event.

“It’s a fun event and we make some money,” said Cathy Rowe, a parent volunteer. “The event is very successful. The kids love it. They count down the days to it.”

No matter the age, the “bounce house” appeals to everyone.

The CV High School Jazz Band entertained at the event. Whereas only a few members of the band played at the function in the past, last Friday was the first time the full jazz band performed for the carnival.

“It’s a fun event,” said Director Mat Schick. “It’s the first time I’ve been here.”

“Lots of kids are having fun. We have great entertainment and perfect weather,” said Debbie Kramer, who teaches kindergarten.

Sixth grader Patricia Kerman couldn’t agree more. “The carnival is the best thing on earth,” she said.

The CVHS Jazz Band in its entirety entertained for the afternoon.
One couldn’t miss the balloon man.