‘Reflections’ Held for CVHS Seniors

By Joyce LEE

The CVHS Class of 2014 prepared to say their farewells at Senior Reflections Night, held on June 1 from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the MacDonald Auditorium at Crescenta Valley High School. Lisa Reed, CVHS assistant principal, and the CVHS PTSA hosted the event giving seniors the chance to reminisce on their high school years.

“The Reflections Night was the last senior gathering and a time for us to reflect on how much we have learned and grown during the past four years. With all of the speakers giving advice and reminding us of our first days as freshmen, we all naturally compared ourselves from before and now,” senior Erika Johnson said.

In addition to creating a slideshow to celebrate the seniors, the PTSA decorated the auditorium with a banner for the senior class of 2014. CVHS Associated Student Body underclassmen set up booths outside the auditorium to hand out free pink lemonade and cookies for the seniors and their families.

The event included a variety of performances and speeches from students all over the campus. Seniors felt bittersweet watching Comedy Sportz, Jazz Band, piano soloists, and teachers perform and speak.

Guest speakers included two CVHS teachers who encouraged the graduating seniors to live their future lives to the fullest. Math teacher Edit Tanahan offered a few words of advice to the graduating class, listing and describing 11 essential tips to life. History teacher and boys’ water polo coach Jan Sakonju delivered his speech, “The Past, Present, and Future.” As a history teacher, he connected the birth, growth, and development of America as a nation to the maturing of the seniors.

“As many of the students in the audience were either my former students or players, it was an honor to take the last chance to teach one last thing to the graduating seniors,” Sakonju said.

The ASB senior officers sat on the stage to lead the event. Senior class Vice President Esther Ahn opened and closed the night with her brief but meaningful speeches. Next, senior class Treasurer Nayoung Kim led the Pledge of Allegiance. At the end of the night, senior class President Esther Park delivered her impactful farewell message.

“The approaching departure with CVHS hit me hard that night, and as I sat up on the stage looking down at everyone, it was a bit unsettling knowing that there were so many seniors I wish I could have talked to,” Ahn said of the Reflections event. “I heard a lot of valuable advice from all of the speakers and, ever since then, I have been thinking a lot about the past, present, and the future. Reflections was refreshing because now I feel like I’ve finally figured out what kind of person I’ve become and who I want to be.”