Pops Concert Celebrates the Power of Music

The grand finale of Friday night’s concert brought all the instrumental groups together, harmoniously uniting their talents to perform the theme from “How to Train Your Dragon.”
Photo by Lucian KUGLER

By Lucian KUGLER

The Crescenta Valley High School Instrumental Pops Concert, held on Friday, May 19 under the direction of Mathew Schick, showcased all groups of the CVIM (Crescenta Valley Instrumental Music) and their award winning talent. The theme of this year’s concert “Music is…” provided a unique perspective on the significance of music in people’s daily lives.

Director Schick explained the concept behind the theme.

“In class, we discussed the nature of music in our everyday lives. I proposed [students] try not to listen to music for one day. It proved almost impossible as they realized music is all around us, playing an important role in our lives,” he said.

This thought-provoking approach encouraged the students to reflect on the omnipresence of music and its impact on various aspects of their existence.

Each performance by the instrumental groups provided a one-word answer to the question, “Music is…” The wind ensemble, for example, opened the concert with a courageous rendition of the music from “The Mandalorian” and added a touch of fun with their spirited performance of the iconic “Cars” theme. The jazz band showcased its versatility by playing an array of pieces ranging from the classics “Birdland” and “Moon River” to the unexpected theme from “The Price is Right” and “The Plants vs. Zombies” theme “Crazt Dave.”

The string orchestra transported the audience with captivating performances from “The Mask of Zorro,” which exuded a sense of honor, and music from “Ratatouille” that celebrated the cultural diversity found within music. The musicians concluded their set with a lively rendition of “Allegretto Grazioso,” further showcasing the playful and silly side of music.

The symphony orchestra took the audience on a journey of adventure with its powerful rendition of the theme from “Pirates of the Caribbean.” The musicians further elevated the performance by incorporating a cannon sound effect during the famous “1812 Overture.” Five bass drums were precisely struck in unison from the balcony above the audience, creating an immersive experience that left the listeners in awe.

The grand finale of the concert brought all the instrumental groups together, harmoniously uniting their talents to perform the theme from “How to Train Your Dragon.” The collective sound produced was triumphant, leaving the audience with a sense of wonder and admiration for the achievements of these young musicians.

The concert was a testament to the dedication and hard work of the students in the CVIM program. Their performances demonstrated technical proficiency, musicality and a deep understanding of the emotional power of music. The students’ commitment to excellence and their ability to perform with unity and cohesion were evident throughout the evening.