‘Adopting’ a CV Senior


A local mom has created a social media page where community members can “adopt” a Crescenta Valley High School student to show their support as the student faces a COVID-19 graduation.

“I actually got [the idea] from a page that started in Santa Clarita,” said Stephanie Rodriguez who created the Facebook page Adopt A CVHS High School Senior Class 2020. She saw how the Santa Clarita community was supporting their students and thought it would be a great way for the Crescenta Valley community to support local high school seniors.

“It’s very sad and very upsetting,” she said of seniors not having a graduation ceremony. Rodriguez graduated from Crescenta Valley High School in 1995.

Rodriguez has three kids and though none are seniors this year she knows how difficult it has been for students to stay at home, learning virtually.

“I think the seniors should be spoiled,” she added.

She wants the seniors to know their community cares for them and wants to make something special for them. Parents are encouraged to join the Facebook page and add their student’s name to the adopt list. Community members are encouraged to adopt a senior and offer their support. This could include delivering balloons, gifts and other encouragement. Parents can either share their address with the community member or they can arrange to meet at an agreed upon location to receive gifts for their student.

The address for the page is https://www.facebook.com/groups/549831242596437/?ref=share