Center for Children Opens Its Doors

The Center for Children has opened its doors so essential workers will have a safe place to leave their children when they go to work. There are measures that are being taken to keep the children, the staff and families safe. The following are the updates with new regulations that seem to be coming out daily/weekly:
• The Center will only be open eight hours a day (from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) in order to have fewer staff working with children.
• There will be open no more than 10 children in any classroom with up to two staff members.
• The cost for care during this time will be $355 a week for five, eight-hour days.
• Children may be in a mixed-age classroom.
• Children currently enrolled in the program might not be assigned to their previous classroom or with their current teachers.
• Priority enrollment will be given to families of essential workers currently enrolled at CFC.
• After serving current CFC families and because the Center has been encouraged by its regional center to offer care to new children of essential workers, the Center may open enrollment to the community.
• It is up to the family to declare themselves as essential workers. The governor has identified those occupations in his stay-at-home order that can be found online.
Additional instructions include the signing in and signing out process; classroom policies; and remote learning for school age children.
There may be other regulations or policy the administration deems necessary for the health and safety of children, parents and staff. Therefore, the Center policies and procedures may be subject to change.
For more information, visit or call (818) 249-8124.