Preschool Learning Goes Virtual

While everyone is working to accommodate to a new normal due to COVID-19, the teachers at Crescenta-Cañada Cooperative Nursery School (CCNS) have taken to virtual platforms to continue important learning for the school’s 3-year old Darling Ducklings and 4-year old Busy Bears.
Using online apps and tools, the teachers have posted songs, stories and activities that students and parents can complete as they practice social distancing and stay safer at home.
Spring lessons include several activities about caterpillars’ transformations into butterflies. Students are able to have their own caterpillars at home and watch them grow, create a chrysalis, cocoon and finally emerge as a butterfly. Students connected via virtual platforms share their caterpillars’ names and show their growth progress.
Activities, such as coloring and decorating their own caterpillars as well as virtual reading of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle, further this important learning about nature’s life cycle.
Although students are unable to gather in person to share in these amazing transformations, the virtual tools and lessons compiled by the staff create an online environment where this next generation can continue learning and sharing with one another.
Crescenta-Cañada Cooperative Nursery School (CCNS) is a nonprofit that has served the local community for almost 60 years. For more information, visit, or look for Crescenta-Cañada Cooperative Nursery School on social media.

Preschool students share caterpillar progress.