CV Pep Squad Wins – Again

Photos by Patty Homan


The CV Pep Squad has been providing positive energy to the high school and its many sporting events for decades.

In addition to  being the schools spirit the Pep Squad participates in three to four competitions a year in various categories including pom (song), freshman and hip hop.

This year’s 120 Pep Squad members once again won due recognition at the Sharp International State Championships where all divisions placed in the events top three spots.

Among first place winners were CV’s mascots, varsity, JV, flags and five girl stunt teams.

Head Coach Danielle Smith has dedicated several years of service to the team and has also shared her expertise and experience as a previous CV Pep Squad member with the group.

Senior and varsity co-captain Dana Chernich has been a member of the group responsible for livening up rally’s and school events for nearly four years.

Over the years Chernich has seen many changes and is thrilled about a recent change in administration.

CV English teacher and club advisor Angelina Ruggiero is the newest addition to the team and has already been busy organizing events.

Though Chernich will be retiring from the squad to further her education at UC Irvine in the fall she learned valuable lessons of determination and perseverance through the years as she built lasting friendships and watched fellow members and coaches grow in their endeavors.

With the new school year just around the corner the group has already established their 135 members as well as a vigorous physical routine which begins in June and will run until the end of next school year.

CV Pep Squad members are no strangers to athletic endurance. Although the bunch performs with grace and ease, squad supporter Patty Homan said that during competitions many members put in extra hours to train physically and must also meet academic requirements to continue to be part of the growing team.